Every day more than a million older people are left to struggle without any support and some going for over a month without speaking to anyone. (

We know that not everyone needs care or lots of help but sometimes just having someone there, to be a companion, to give them support with various daily tasks and activities makes all the difference.  Our Companionship Service  isn’t just for the elderly, we provide support and help for anyone over the age of 18.

Our Support Workers can come and spend some time with you, become a friendly face, have regular chats with you and be someone you can trust and share your interests with.  It can also be daunting with all the latest technology and getting used to modern life, so your Support Worker will be able to help you with things like using your mobile phone, TV and computer.

Typical activities that you may like someone to be with you for:

  • Going to the shops (food, clothes, etc)
  • Walking the family dog
  • Having a chat over a cup of tea/coffee
  • Playing board games or cards
  • Collecting pension or visiting the bank
  • Leisure activities
  • Company whilst just being at home
  • Visiting day centres or other services
  • Visiting your local community centre
  • Using public transport
  • Visits to your doctor or hospital appointments

It’s really your choice on what and how much companionship you would like to have, the list above is just an example, if there’s something else just call us or drop us a message.


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