Established in 2001 with a simple mission: “No child should go without”

The founder of this amazing charity, Linda Sandhar-Haynes began visiting
women’s refuges in 2001 to ask how many children were sheltering there that Christmas and how many gifts each refuge needed. She hadn’t got a lot, but what she had got was compassion and a personal understanding of exactly how the children and mother’s felt, for she too had experienced the life of living in a women’s refuge with her daughter.

The charity issue gift tags simply with the child’s name, age and the gift they would like. It’s heartbreaking to see a 7 year old just ask for a coat or 14 year old asking for a pair of socks. The most heart wrenching one was from a 5 year old asking for phone so he could call his mummy and daddy in heaven.

The team at Awarding Care contacted Linda as we thought this was a fantastic cause and strongly believe in their mission that no child should go without at Christmas. The whole team have personally brought over 50 gifts for the charity and delivered them to Linda and her team in Walsall.
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